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A class of nonlinear PD-type controllers for robot manipulators
Ricardo Carelli
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Stability analysis, Analisis de estabilidad, PD-type controllers, Robot manipulators, Nonlinear functions
"In this article we present the stability of a class of PD-type controllers for position and motion control of robot manipulators. The main feature of this class of controllers is that the proportional and derivative gains can be nonlinear functions of robot states. These controllers can be obtained from control strategies that adjust the controller gains depending on the robot states. It is show that global asymptotic stability of the control system is archived provided that the P and D gains have suitable structure. As an outcome, we propose a global regulator constrained to deliver torques within prescribed limits of the actuator's capabilities. Experimental results on a two degrees of freedom direct drive arm show the usefulness of the proposed scheme."
John Wiley and Sons
Journal of Robotic Systems, Vol. 13, Págs. 793-802, ISSN-E 0741-2223
Kelly,R.,Carelli,R.1996.A Class of Nonlinear PD-Type Controllers for Robot Manipulators.Journal of Robotic Systems,13,793-802.doi:10.1002/(SICI)1097-4563(199612)13:12%3C793::AID-ROB2%3E3.0.CO;2-Q/epdf
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